What Is a Complete Blood Count Test?

We never want you to get sick, but it is unfortunately just a part of life sometimes. Some illnesses can be simple and easy to diagnose from a quick physical exam, but others can be a bit more tricky to diagnose.

That’s where a visit to our center comes in handy! If you are feeling sick but don’t know why, you can come see us and we can use a variety of diagnostic tools to help figure out what is causing your symptoms. One of those tools is our lab.

AFC Urgent Care Tyvola Road is equipped with a full-service lab that can help pinpoint illnesses and dig deeper into your wellness. Read on to learn more about this amazing resource.

What Tests Do AFC’s Lab Perform?

One of the most common visits we have on a daily basis involves some sort of rapid test. We have a variety of tests that can detect illnesses like RSV, COVID-19, strep throat, STDs and the flu in just a matter of minutes. This means you will be able to focus on feeling better faster instead of waiting hours for your test results. Additionally, we can do urinalysis or a culture to help us diagnose infections.

We can also draw your blood and run various tests on it to help figure out what is causing your symptoms! One of the most common blood tests that we run is called a complete blood count, or CBC. A CBC is a simple blood draw that is run through our equipment to measure and count the different types of blood cells in your blood. This can give us a really good starting point when diagnosing you because your blood can tell a lot about you.

Common Illnesses That Our Lab Can Diagnose

  • Anemia
  • An infection
  • Immune system disorders
  • Blood diseases

How Do I Recover From Anemia?

Anemia is a common blood condition that develops when your body isn’t producing the proper level of red blood cells for your blood. That may sound scary, but it actually happens often and is considered the most common blood condition in the world!

Mild to moderate anemia can cause symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat and fatigue. If you are experiencing these symptoms, stop in to see us right away. We can run a quick CBC and then discuss treatment options. Recovering from anemia usually involves incorporating more iron into your diet to help support your blood and red blood cell production.

Treating Anemia Through Your Diet

  • Eat iron-rich foods like lean meat, fish, eggs and dried beans.
  • Consume more folic acid from dark, leafy green vegetables.
  • Increase your vitamin D intake.
  • Take an iron supplement if recommended.

Have you been feeling faint or lightheaded? Come see us for a quick CBC test at AFC Urgent Care Tyvola Road.