It’s that time of year again to start reveling in another holiday season with friends and family. You are busy shopping for the perfect gift, pulling out boxes of your favorite decorations and picking up those family pajama sets that your kids love. It’s the holiday season! While you are consumed with getting everything done in time, the chance of illness is always lurking just out of sight. Infections and other conditions always seem to crop up in yourself or one of your kids at the worst time! Read on →

Kids get sick, that’s just a fact of life. This is especially true at this time of year with all of the different infections and illnesses that they can come down with. While minor colds and ear infections aren’t usually cause for concern, certain infections can be dangerous or even deadly. RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, is one of those illnesses that all parents need to watch for. Our AFC Urgent Care Tyvola Road team explains more about RSV and why it can be so dangerous below, so read on to stay informed. Read on →

Raise your hand if one or more of your children has already been sick since the start of the school year! This time of year is one of the most common times for children to come down with any sort of infection, and we would bet at least one illness has made its way through your household. While a minor cold may not be much of a concern, a flu outbreak in your house could knock down your entire family for a few days while everyone cycles through the sickness and recovery. Read on →

Getting sick can happen at any point, which can be really frustrating if you have a big event coming up or a particularly busy week to get through. It can be easy to just pop in a throat lozenge when you have a sore throat, but that may not fix it for good. Temporary relief of a sore throat may help at the moment, but getting a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your illness can help you avoid a more serious infection as COVID-19, the flu and strep throat cases are rising all around us. Read on →

We all want to avoid sickness and stay as healthy as possible during the fall and winter months. With all of the circulating viruses and bacterial infections that are around, it can sometimes be hard to do! Now that COVID-19 is part of the mix again, it is important to remember that you can get sick with COVID-19 this year even if you had already had it in previous years. Read on →

School is back in session, and that means your organized chaos of work, school and activities has returned once more. That also means that the arrival of seasonal illnesses is here! It is common at this time of year to have at least one illness sweep through your home, whether it is a virus, stomach bug or some type of infection. One of the most common symptoms across these illnesses is a fever. Read on →

We never want you to get sick, but it is unfortunately just a part of life sometimes. Some illnesses can be simple and easy to diagnose from a quick physical exam, but others can be a bit more tricky to diagnose. That’s where a visit to our center comes in handy! If you are feeling sick but don’t know why, you can come see us and we can use a variety of diagnostic tools to help figure out what is causing your symptoms. Read on →

Addictive habits can be really hard to break. That’s why many people struggle with giving up things like cigarettes or smoking in general. Not only is the craving for the tobacco real, but it has become a part of your lifestyle and daily routine for many years. While we understand how hard it is to quit, we will always encourage anyone who smokes to do so. Smoking has so many negative health benefits that you are at an increased risk of many different diseases and conditions as you age. Read on →

Your health is your greatest asset, so taking care of yourself should always be your top priority. While it may seem obvious to treat your symptoms when you get a cold or the flu, not everyone takes quick action if an STD is suspected. We know that discussing your sexual health may not feel comfortable in the moment, but it is crucial for your long-term health! Getting tested right away can ensure a full recovery with no lasting complications. Read on →

We are grateful for the many different benefits of the summer season, but not for the increase in bugs and insects. Any time you spend time outside running around in the grass or in the woods on a hike, it is important that you check yourself for ticks afterward. Ticks are at their peak from spring to early fall, so recognizing them and removing them from your clothes should always be your first priority after spending time outdoors. Read on →